Equip youth to chase their dreams

Guide your youth through Lemonade Day’s 15-step curriculum and help them start, own,
and operate their own lemonade stand.

Did you know?

Only 28%

of parents are currently talking to their kids about money

1 of 5 teens

lack basic financial
literacy skills

 3 of 4 kids

feel confused about what school learning has to do with the real world

Age 8 to 14

is a critical window for developing saving and spending habits

Lemonade Day sets
your youth up for
lifelong success

Sure, they could run a lemonade stand any day. But when youth register for Lemonade Day Calgary, they get access to a time-tested
curriculum that teaches financial and business literacy skills that will serve them long after the last cup is sold.

How Lemonade Day Calgary works


Register online

Submit your online registration to gain access to the Lemonade Day curriculum and receive updates leading up to the big day.


Guide your youth through the curriculum

Work through four modules together: My Goals, My Plan, My Stand, My Results. The curriculum is available through a printed workbook or the My Lemonade Day app.


Brand and design a lemonade stand

Put the plan into action. Shop for supplies, build the stand, and get all your cups in a row before July 20, 2024.


Sell lemonade on July 20th

Lemonade Day Calgary is here! Set up shop in a location of your choosing, and soak up the sales. You might even get a special visit from our Lemonade Day taste testers!


Report your results by July 22nd

Share your goals, total earnings, profit, and learnings from Lemonade Day. Reporting results instantly earns a free pass to the Lemon Splash pool party. Location, date, and time to be announced.

Report your results to win awesome prizes!

Young Entrepreneur
of the Year

Awarded to one young entrepreneur (per age category) who demonstrates business success through financial reporting, impactful branding, and thoughtful reflection on their entrepreneurial journey.

Age Categories:
5-6 years
7-9 years
10-13 years


Awarded based on:

Total revenue
Profit margin
Brand experience
Written reflection


Awarded to one young entrepreneur (per age category) who creates a unique and creative brand experience at their lemonade stand.

Age Categories:
5-6 years
7-9 years
10-13 years


Awarded based on:

Lemonade stand name
Stand creativity
Brand experience
Written reflection

Splash Pass

All young entrepreneurs who submit their business results will receive a FREE pool pass to use after Lemonade Day! 

I met my goals. I learned A LOT. I have $20 for a toy, $60 for the Children’s Hospital, and lots to put in the bank.

Charlie, Age 6
Lemonade Day Entrepreneur, 2023

I want to put up a lemonade stand every year until I earn enough money to start my own business.

Shriya, Age 8
Lemonade Day Entrepreneur, 2023

I was a little scared no one would want to buy my lemonade, but I did it anyways. And I made up my own jokes to tell people.

Fern, Age 6
Lemonade Day Entrepreneur, 2023

The hardest thing I faced was talking to people. I felt shy at the beginning, and then I learned it was better to be brave and friendly.

Millie, Age 5
Lemonade Day Entrepreneur, 2023

We thought selling lemonade would be fun, and guess what? It is! Plus, it’s cool to have our own little business.

Josiah (Age 11), Isaiah (Age 9), and Elias (Age 7)
Lemonade Day Entrepreneurs, 2023

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