JULY 20, 2024

What is Lemonade Day?​

Lemonade Day is a city-wide event where youth ages 5-13 set up lemonade stands and experience the thrill of being a business owner while making a profit and giving back to their community.

Make a business plan

From goal-setting to execution, the 15-step Lemonade Day curriculum teaches youth foundational elements of building a well-rounded business plan.

Brand and design your stand

In a sea of stands, you need to stand out! Youth learn how to name, brand, and differentiate their lemonade business.

Sell lemonade

July 20th is where the fun really begins. Set up your stand, serve customers, and report your results to win epic prizes.

Give youth
a taste of

There are so many benefits to learning about entrepreneurship
at a young age. Here are just a few.

Financial Literacy

Youth learn about revenue, budgets, profit margins, loans, and more. ​

Math Skills

Calculate the cost of supplies and what price will turn a profit.

Strategic Thinking

Youth get to choose the best location to sell lemonade on a hot summer’s day.


Working hard to achieve a goal shows youth what’s possible.


Deciding on a name, brand, and lemonade recipe is the perfect creative challenge.

Social Skills

Talking to customers gets easier with every cup.

Real-World Experience

School concepts come to life with first-hand experience.

Giving Back

Setting a “Share” goal teaches the importance of giving back to the community.

Little stands. Big impact.

of participating youth improve financial and business literacy

of participating youth open a new bank account and start saving money

of participating parents report learning these skills young could have saved them financial hardship

Get involved!

Mentor a youth

Calling all parents, aunties, uncles, and guardians!
Register your youth and support their success.

Get your class involved

You’re a mentor too. But we’ve got unique resources to support launching Lemonade Day in your classroom.

Join our volunteer team

Join our Lemon Council and help us make Lemonade Day a sweet success.

Become a sponsor

Introducing kids to entrepreneurship is priceless… but we need your help to make it happen.

I want to put up a lemonade stand every year until I earn enough money to start my own business.

Shriya, Age 8
Lemonade Day Entrepreneur, 2023

I met my goals. I learned A LOT. I have $20 for a toy, $60 for the Children’s Hospital, and lots to put in the bank.

Charlie, Age 6
Lemonade Day Entrepreneur, 2023

I was a little scared no one would want to buy my lemonade, but I did it anyways. And I made up my own jokes to tell people.

Fern, Age 6
Lemonade Day Entrepreneur, 2023

The hardest thing I faced was talking to people. I felt shy at the beginning, and then I learned it was better to be brave and friendly.

Millie, Age 5
Lemonade Day Entrepreneur, 2023

We thought selling lemonade would be fun, and guess what? It is! Plus, it’s cool to have our own little business.

Josiah (Age 11), Isaiah (Age 9), and Elias (Age 7)
Lemonade Day Entrepreneurs, 2023

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